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Intellectual Property Rights Brokerage
IP protection is not about stopping information exchange and technology transfer. GuardSHIP wants to support and
promote shipbuilding technology transfer but at agreed terms and conditions not by means of theft.

Companies in the shipbuilding industry are constantly investing in new solutions part of which might have been kept as business secret and some other part might have
been registered as patents or other type of IP rights (e.g. design, utility model). Some of these innovation results after facilitating a few projects have been put aside. Some
might never be used for various reasons. Companies which are holding these unused IP rights could consider licensing or
selling them to other players in the market. Many companies do not pursue such opportunities due to lack of man power,
in which case GuardSHIP is available to serve as a brokerage actively looking for potential licensees or buyers.

Also, companies interested in acquiring certain technologies can seek GuardSHIP support to broker an appropriate transaction in mutual interest. Being active at the international level (see International Cooperation), GuardSHIP is well positioned to conduct such services in combination with its international cooperation activities.