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When an infringement is detected, legal action is unavoidable. However, legal means are also costly, time consuming and contain significant risks. Therefore, companies often decide to refrain from consequently pursuing all legal means.

GuardSHIP offers assistance to counteract infringements by utilising public and government relation means. It will take care of addressing unfair business practices via relevant authorities and media with the aim to convince the infringing parties to discuss settlement agreements. When the infringement takes place in a third country, GuardSHIP could assist in initiating official dialogues and cooperation with local governmental and enforcement bodies.

Only decisive counteraction will create a business
environment in which potential imitators must fear
consequences. Even if no settlement agreement appears to be realistic, no detected infringement should be accepted without appropriate counteraction.

Furthermore, GuardSHIP can play a role when dealing with sensitive client relations, in which the yard does not wish to appear directly with an aggressive position. For instance, during a tender process the client could be advised that GuardSHIP has been empowered to enforce IPR independently
from the yard.

Active support to counteract infringements