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 The GuardSHIP Shipbuilding IP Protection Handbook focuses
on providing practical guidance for the daily work in different
shipyard departments.

It contains two parts:

Part one explains the concept of IP rights, the various protection tools and the potential risks that shipbuilding manufacturers are facing.

Part two goes through the knowledge management process of a
            company and gives practical advice on what to do in a given                         situation.

The Handbook is subject to regular supplements on a half year basis. These will include guidelines for more shipyard departments (the first edition focuses on sales and marketing), standard IP/confidentiality terms and conditions with various business partners (the first edition includes
terms and conditions with classification societies), as well
as a description of actual cases.

Table of Contents of the Shipbuilding IPR Handbook
Order Form  (.PDF)
Order Form  (.PDF)
Price for the first edition

One copy          € 350
5 copies            € 850

Updates subscription

One year           € 95
Two years         € 145

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