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 About Us
GuardSHIP is a European shipbuilding intellectual property (IP)
collective management organisation. It is designed to provide practical and cost efficient services to shipyards and related companies, with the purpose of:
  • Providing comprehensive shipbuilding dedicated expertise related intellectual property protection
  • Safeguarding the knowledge assets and the intellectual property of innovative shipyards and related companies
  • Raising awareness and promoting respect for the economic and legal interests of European shipbuilding innovations
  • Analysing and addressing issues directly linked with the shipbuilding specific knowledge leakage problems
  • Activating concrete support by policy makers and cooperating with the relevant international organisations and authorities
  • Promoting shipbuilding technology transfer in a controlled manner at mutually agreed terms and conditions.

The GuardSHIP services are provided by a small in-house team
of experts, with a strong industry backing. Its competence is based on an intensive and regular exchange with experts from major shipbuilding and related companies. In addition, GuardSHIP sources complementing expertise through a close network of specialised companies active in IPR relevant areas such as international law firms, patent offices and software houses.
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